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2011 "LOUISIBAMA" Gumbo Bowl for Tornado Relief

Ferguson Student Center

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Event Description

The World’s Largest Seafood Gumbo will be cooked on November 5, 2011 by Chefs John Folse and Rick Tramonto along with former Alabama football All-American and All-pro Miami Dolphin legend Bob Baumhower and his executive Chef Steve Zucker. The chefs have created this charitable event to raise money for communities still suffering and rebuilding from the devastating tornadoes that ripped through Tuscaloosa last spring. The culinary team will create a monster pot of gumbo, using a 300-year-old cast iron pot from the sugarcane fields of South Louisiana. The World’s Largest Gumbo recipe calls for 750 pounds shrimp, 450 pounds catfish fillets, 100 pounds claw crabmeat, 50 pounds white crabmeat, 200 pounds alligator meat, 25 pounds Louisiana crawfish tail meat, 10 gallons oysters with liquid, 200 pounds diced onions, 75 pounds diced celery, 100 pounds diced green bell peppers, 150 pounds sliced okra, 50 pounds dehydrated garlic and 20 pounds butter. After simmering for three hours, the delicious, steaming contents will be doled out to hungry football fans during the spirited pre-game tailgate at the University of Alabama. On November 5, 2011 – the day of the much-publicized grudge match between highly ranked University of Alabama and Louisiana State University football teams – the chefs will kick off the first-ever LouisiBama Gumbo Bowl at the University of Alabama, in front of the Ferguson Student Center. The 116-year-old rivalry between the two schools will be set aside temporarily, as Louisianians and Alabamians come together in friendship to raise money for Nick's Kids Fund and Caring Days Adult Day Care, two local nonprofit organizations that are working hand-in-hand with the greater Tuscaloosa community to restore areas and services that were hit hard by the tornadoes.

Map of Event Location
November 5th, 2011  11:00 amNovember 6th, 2011  11:00 am